Technology among young people today: what is the impact?

Over the past several years, we have seen that technology has evolved rapidly and significantly, especially in the lives of adolescents. Several new technologies are encouraging young people to use smartphones, touchpads, computers, etc.

It is well known that evolving technology is very beneficial to human beings for several reasons first of all because improvement allows not only young people but also others to take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy the ease.

If we look at the medical field, we realize that technology makes it possible to treat several diseases and then to preserve the lives of several humans by eradicating, for example, very harmful viruses and bacteria.

So here’s the impact of technology on young people.

A risk of attachment

Devices created through technology can be addictive. Indeed, if young people used to go outside to play with their friends or to enjoy the excellent weather, this is no longer the case nowadays. They prefer to stay on their beds and exchange with their friends using internet tools and instant messaging systems such as chat, and social networks.

A detachment from real life

Because of the text messages, no one bothered to talk anymore. Indeed, while Mom is cooking, the child sends a text message to say: what are we eating for dinner? As a result, human contact is no longer made.

The different social networks

These social networks can also create a certain dependency because once a person signs up for them, he or she must post photos or go and see the profiles of the other members and their publications.

Some positive points

teens using snapchatDespite the negative points that technology can bring to young people, there are still positive points.

Take the smartphone as an example: a person who uses it can quickly solve another person’s problem. It would also be useful for communicating or taking news from your friends or relatives. It is also an efficient way to communicate. You can find one if you take advantage of a 1-month sosh promo code offered at

One of the advantages of technology is also at the company level. Indeed, progress can provide professionals with a very considerable saving of money thanks to the Internet. They will be able to exchange more quickly. Technology has made it possible and easy to sell and buy worldwide. This gives companies the opportunity to purchase raw materials at reduced prices.

But that’s not all; technology has also affected the field of tourism. Indeed, even this area has been developed. Thanks to technology, industries enjoy unparalleled productivity.