Seven Ways To Turn Your Kid Into A Tech Genius!

It’s never too young to develop your child’s technical abilities.

But what you didn’t know was that they didn’t have to be glued to a screen to do it!

With the exception of our first suggestion, we have a list of real life, real time games and toys they can play with to develop those crucial logic skills!

  • APPS

This is one easy way to encourage a child to use logic and strategy. Nearly every kid loves being on a tablet or phone, and apps are a natural part of that.

Many computer games develop strategic thinking and this can be harnessed with certain apps.

We recommend ones which build on logic and problem-solving skills such as Toca Boca and Tinybop.


There are a whole load of logic games out there, designed to help children develop their logic skills.

One of these is the Three Little Piggies by Smart Games, but there are others in the range.


Playing trump card games are a good way of helping kids learn about how data works.

They are also good fun for your child to play! With dinosaurs, animals, bugs and just about any other topic you can think about on offer, there is bound to be a set of cards that fits with your kids interests.


Guessing games like Guess Who are a good way of helping kids to develop logic skills. It also teaches them the right kind of questions to ask in order to get the answers they need.

They’ll learn all about comparisons and spotting similarities too. And they’ll have so much fun in the process, they won’t even notice they’re learning something!


Secrets codes and cracking them is always a popular theme with kids and of course it is the whole basis of coding and programming a computer.

For long car journeys and holidays, something like Melissa and Doug’s Decoder sets are a great idea. These are electronic free entertainment for kids aged seven plus and help promote decoding skills with games and activities.


Because the original Cluedo might not be totally suitable for the younger age spectrum, there is Cluedo Jnr. This also promotes sleuthing and detective skills in the players – but without any of the gruesome aspects of the original game!

This is a kids’ version of the classic board game and it is something that all the family can get around and have fun with!


3D puzzle toys are a great way of honing problem-solving skills in your child. These are easily found both online and in the shops and they don’t have to cost a lot, either.

And even in 2019, nothing beats the good old-fashioned Rubik’s cube!

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