Editorial Policy

Here at Child Temperament we take our responsibilities seriously. And this is reflected by our child centred editorial policy.

Our editorial selection criteria is extremely challenging and steered by educationalists, professionals, parents… and kids!

Although we try our hardest to provide a balanced and fair overview of the topics on hand, anything published in our pages is simply an opinion and a general view.

It is not medical advice and we do not diagnose or treat any conditions.

Our contributors may be teachers, psychologists, therapists, engineers and other professionals, but their input should never replace that of a parent’s own. We are also not best placed to comment on individual cases and particular children’s needs.

We would always advise parents to listen to their own children, their teachers, their doctors or any other involved parties.

We strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of accuracy in all our articles and reviews. If you have a comment, or have seen something you think is inaccurate in our information, then we want to hear about it!

We aim to rectify any mistakes on our site as quickly as possible and comments may be left via our contact sheet, available as a link at the bottom of every page.

In the course of our reviews and advice, we may sometimes link to external websites, content and products.

Although we try our hardest to vet any links on our site, they are sometimes subject to changes beyond our control and therefore we are unable to guarantee the veracity or quality of any advice or information linked to the site.


We work with a number of carefully selected partners and agencies, to bring you the quality content you are searching for.

Our partners are software developers, tech firms, educators, public bodies and other organisations, dedicated to improving the experience of technology for the younger generation.

We vet all advertisements, messages and content displayed within these pages, although we cannot vouch for every link within them.

We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure the products and services advertised and promoted on these pages are age appropriate and the content is suitable for children.

Child Temperament is committed to bringing a quality experience to all children and parents and only works with the best educators and tech providers on this site.

We warmly welcome potential partners interest in participating in our website.
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