CES 2019: Products that will (perhaps) change your life in the coming months!

The 2019 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, the famous technological innovation fair hosted every year is becoming kind of a big deal! 2019 is the year of evolutions rather than revolutions: intelligent home systems, computer and television screens, as well as ready-to-wear technologies that will be ever more numerous and sophisticated.

Although not everything that was unveiled at the CES fair, which was held from January 8 to 11, will necessarily be at the local electronics store, several products have nevertheless caught our attention, many of which are essentially developments of what already exists or of mature products.

Screens: always bigger, thinner… and even rollable!

LG Display has turned many heads with its 65″ OLED display so thin that it winds up in its case. 2019 will be the year of the 8K and diagonals greater than 65 inches.

The 75, 82 and even 98″ screens will amaze us… except for their prices which will also reach new heights. If you’re in a hurry, getting your hands on a Samsung 8K 85″ tile will cost you at least US$15,000.

That said, experts agree that human vision cannot distinguish the difference between a 4K and 8K definition unless it is in a very large screen. It is, therefore, unnecessary to go beyond 4K HDR.

Personal assistants: intense competition between Amazon and Google

Smart speakers, personal assistants, home intelligent devices from the giants Amazon and Google are competing fiercely for the market. In addition to their functions as assistants and home automation, Google took advantage of the CES to launch the interpreter mode (27 languages!) of its Home Hub product.

He also welcomed foreign tourists at the Caesars Palace Hotel counter in Las Vegas! However, these personal assistants remain primarily a mainly American phenomenon.

In the same vein as personal assistants, the Google Assistant interface will be found in no less than a billion devices worldwide by the end of the month, predicts the IT giant. This artificial voice intelligence will also be integrated into the Google Maps application, both in Android phones and in iOS, Apple’s mobile platform.

We learn that Sonos will integrate it into its smart speakers and Samsung will do the same for its 2019 TVs. In practical terms, you can talk to your TV to turn it on, adjust the volume, change the channel or video input.

A smartphone with a display…. that can fold!

As for smartphones, the only real novelty of CES is the FlexPai folding screen device from the Chinese company Royole. Half phone, half tablet, this one has a 7.8″ screen and runs on Android.

Price: $1300 US… and only if you are an American developer.

A first quantum computer made by IBM

Unlike the consumer computer, IBM took advantage of the CES to announce its first commercial quantum computer: a huge 20 qubits system that combines quantum physics hardware with conventional computer components to be used for commercial and scientific research purposes.

IBM says its computer, called Q System One, is designed to tackle problems that are too complex for traditional computing. Don’t expect to have one. The Q System One is 9 x 9 feet, a bit like the size of the first computers of the 1960s.

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