About Us

Child Temperament is the ‘safe place’ on the internet for children and families, seeking shelter from the confusion around them.

This is a space that kids can be kids and discover the wonder of technology, via reviews and freebies, in safety.

All our content and advice has been carefully vetted to be suitable for children of all age.

We want to deliver a magical experience to kids of all ages – and their parents!

Our aim is to equip a new generation for the fresh challenges that lie ahead in an increasingly technical world. We want to teach them how to navigate the minefield that is social media and how to deal with the pitfalls and problems they are bound to encounter.

To do that properly, we have to first educate their parents on how to help their children access the information they need!

Parents are all too often left to their own devices, when it comes to helping their kids understand the technical world around them. And quite often, they are in need of some help themselves, to understand the technology and the implications for their child’s safety.

Which is where we come in. We are here to help parents in an increasingly challenging environment. We produce jargon busting guides and info packs, explaining the basics of internet safety to both kids and parents.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a family of geeks or tech-phobes. We write in a style that is accessible for all and won’t turn off the less techie families out there.

We also bring information and details of training and educational opportunities, for both kids and their parents.

As the world of tech is constantly changing and expanding, we must all adapt to it and our role is foremostly to guide families through this landscape.

Join us on our voyage of discovery!