4 applications for teaching foreign languages to children

The secret of foreign language learning is to do it early: between kindergarten and the first years of primary school. Here are four applications, paid and free, to teach children to speak other languages while having fun.

But to make a difference, you have to do it early. It is between kindergarten and the first years of primary school that we learn to recognize and pronounce sounds. Here are four applications for teaching children languages.

Pili Pop, the oral work

There are three distinct Pili Pop applications for learning English, Spanish and French. They offer children from 5 to 10 years old the opportunity to learn languages with a focus on oral work.

To do so, several activities are proposed, such as pronunciation exercises that allow you to earn points and progress in the game. Emphasis is also placed on the regularity of learning. To encourage children to train, the application will enable them to make their character called Pili to grow with peppers earned by playing activities.

Subscription system from 4.99 euros per month. Applications are available on iOS and Android.

Holy Owly, 5 minutes a day (English)

Becoming an “English superhero” by working 5 minutes a day is the promise of the Holy Owly application. The program is available for all children between the ages of 3 and 11. Every day, the activities combine reading, comprehension, pronunciation, and writing. The child also has the opportunity to exchange in English every week for 15 minutes by Skype with a coach.

Subscription from 4.99 euros per month. Available on iOS and Android.

Duolingo, the leader in language learning

This application is one of the best for language learning. Duolingo is suitable for both adults and children over four years of age. The lessons are short and fun with colorful drawings. For children in kindergarten, the intervention of an adult is still necessary for the reading of the instructions.

Free application. Premium subscription available to remove ads and enjoy offline content. Available on iOS and Android.

Lingokids, learning while having fun (English)

Experts from Oxford University Press developed the Lingokids apprenticeship program. The application, adapted to children from 2 to 6 years old, offers a series of games, nursery rhymes and stories on different themes to learn English. Each week, a new chapter is available, and parents receive a summary of the activities completed by their child the previous week. All instructions are in English.

Free application with integrated purchases. Available on iOS and Android.

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